IBM Corporate Responsibility Report

IBM Corporate Responsibility Report

Welcome to IBM's 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report. In this report, we detail the many ways in which IBM contributes our time, technology and expertise toward making the world a better place. 

IBM has been in business for more than 100 years, a length of time that speaks to the sustainability of our business practices and to our ability to transform ourselves as markets and industries change. Our definition of corporate responsibility includes such diverse aspects as environmental responsibility; social responsibility to our workforce, clients and business partners; innovation to address critical societal needs in the communities in which we operate; and a culture of ethics and integrity — guided by a rigorous system of corporate governance — that promotes transparency on a global basis.  

At IBM, corporate responsibility is about demonstrating what we believe in through the actions we take, the examples we set and the priorities that guide us. In this report, you will see what this looks like in practice — how we integrate both our citizenship and business strategies, driving systemic societal transformation across every dimension of our engagement with civil society.

About the IBM Corporate Responsibility Report:

Communities - We continually strive to help the communities we live an work in evolve and improve.

The IBMer - Employees' personal and professional transformation is essential to our success.

Environment - Our programs and solutions demonstrate IBM's commitment to environmental protection.

Supply Chain - Social and Environmental responsibility can be found in every facet of our supply chain.

Governance - Our Corporate governance programs evolve as IBM transforms.

See examples not just in programs, but in the passion and innovation of individuals in our 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report

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