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Ecocentricity Blog

A monthly blog by John Lanier, director of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation and grandson

of the late Ray C. Anderson.  Musings from John as he manages the private family foundation

that keeps Ray's legacy alive.

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Ecocentricity Blog: The World's Most Polluted Island
John Lanier's friend Brett Howell helped lead an expedition to clean up what is considered, by one metric, to be the most polluted island in the world. It’s called Henderson Island, and the story is well worth reading. John shares it in this week's Ecocentricity blog.
Jan 22, 2020 9:30 AM ET
Ecocentricity Blog: More Than a Drop in the Bucket
As this bucket fills, it shows humanity “using up” its carbon budget. Most striking is how fast the rate of change has accelerated in the last few decades.
Jan 15, 2020 9:30 AM ET
Ecocentricity Blog: Who Are They?
Hannon Armstrong’s simple and direct investment thesis: “We will earn better risk-adjusted returns by investing on the right side of the climate change line.”
Jan 8, 2020 2:30 PM ET
Ecocentricity Blog: Tip of the Market Cap
It’s a big deal that BlackRock became a Global Partner of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in October this year. In doing so, BlackRock signaled to the broader investment community, and to the entire corporate world, that it believes in creating the #circulareconomy.
Dec 18, 2019 10:30 AM ET
Ecocentricity Blog: The Climate Talk
For my part, I want to be proactive in talking to my kids about climate change. I want to teach them the science for sure, but I also want them to feel like our family is already making a difference.
Dec 11, 2019 9:30 AM ET