A Deeper Look at Issues Facing Corporate Workplace Giving

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A Deeper Look at Issues Facing Corporate Workplace Giving

Understanding the broader landscape challenges for corporate giving will help companies make more of a difference with their Goodness Programs. At Benevity we’re here to help identify the issues and opportunities companies face around making the most of their community investment and workplace giving initiatives. This blog series looks at some of the deeper issues affecting corporate giving, with ideas, insights and best practices how your own employee giving efforts can make more of an impact, in the workplace and in your community.

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Mythbusting in the Charitable Landscape
Everyone talks about the transformative power of social enterprise – and they should. What doesn’t attract as much attention is the unglamorous but very necessary administrative side of the charitable world. In this blog series, we’re going to shed light on some rarely discussed challenges facing charities: the costs of donation processing, tax receipting, and the myth that 100% of...
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