De Beers Group's Commitment to Confidence

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De Beers Group's Commitment to Confidence

The importance of public trust in business has never been higher. This is partly because of the emerging influence of the Millennial generation (people aged 18-34), which puts a great premium on authenticity and transparency.

And trust is the foundation of our business because consumers’ confidence is at the heart of demand for diamonds. Without consumer demand, we lose our principal source of value.

Our long-term success therefore depends on a strong ethical foundation. That is why we adhere to the highest level of business integrity and work with customers and suppliers to maintain ever stricter standards across the industry as a whole.

Our pioneering Best Practice Principles assurance programme provides a set of mandatory environmental, social and ethical requirements that apply to our own operations, as well as to those of our Sightholder customers and diamond contractors. We’re also committed to respecting human rights within our operations.

That means every diamond sold under our Forevermark brand comes with the promise that it is not only rare and beautiful but responsibly sourced

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Young Jewellery Designers Reach De Beers Group Shining Light Awards Final
The finalists, three from each of the company’s southern Africa producer countries of Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, were selected from more than 130 entries. Their task was to create a jewellery collection reflecting this year’s design brief theme of ‘protecting nature’s beauty’, inspired by Forevermark’s brand values, and recognising the commitment of De Beers Group and...
Nov 28, 2017 8:30 AM ET
De Beers Group’s Forevermark Brand Inscribes Its Two Millionth Diamond
The diamond was mined, cut and polished in Namibia by Ankit Gems Namibia and inscribed at the Forevermark Diamond Institute in Surat, India. It will be set in a piece of jewellery at the Forevermark Design and Innovation Centre in Milan, Italy. It is a 3.48 carat round brilliant and will bear the inscription of ‘2,000,000’. Each Forevermark diamond is inscribed with the Forevermark icon...
Jun 14, 2017 8:30 AM ET