CSR Blogs

CSR Blogs

If only sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) were simple and easy to execute. On the contrary, their very complexity is shifting and shaping the current and global professional landscape. And with these changes come a host of new questions, a bevy of new challenges, countless creative successes, and even more demoralizing failures as businesses, nonprofits, governments, and individuals attempt to embrace sustainability and CSR on both the professional and personal levels.

In this everchanging space, Justmeans Staff writers use their knowledge and expertise to bring you the leading stories and facts to help readers stay current on all these issues. As the business world continues to grapple with sustainability and CSR, Justmeans will continue to write about it.

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Ultimately Human: The Leaders and the Led
The artist Ross Rossin’s portrait exhibition, ‘Ultimately Human: The Leaders and the Led’ opened at the United Nations (UN) Geneva on 28 October. It was attended by Michael Møller, UN Under-Secretary-General,...
Nov 18, 2016 8:00 AM ET
Off-grid Solar Sparks Energy Revolution in Africa
Many parts of Africa that were never linked to an electric grid are skipping that bit and racing ahead with the solar revolution, thanks to off-grid solar. Several companies, including Off Grid Electric, Bboxx, Azuri Technologies and M-Kopa, have built a massive customer base that is bringing sustainable progress to that part of the world. The figures are impressive. According to the...
Nov 16, 2016 8:00 AM ET
Exclusive Interview with Michael Møller UN Under-Secretary-General, DG of the UN Office, Geneva
I recently attended the art exhibition, ‘Ultimately Human: The Leaders and the Led,’ by the very talented and renowned artist, Ross Rossin, held at the United Nations in Geneva. The show was opened by...
Nov 10, 2016 8:00 AM ET
WE DO. Print Runs the Perfect Apprentice Scheme for Disadvantaged Youth
Rising tuition fees and low pay for UK graduates has led to a rapid rise in apprenticeships, as young people seek an alternative to academic qualifications. However, children in care face unique challenges with disruptions at home and school and is reflected in the grades they achieve, which can then hamper their entry criteria for apprenticeships. Therefore, to level the playing field, when...
Nov 7, 2016 8:00 AM ET
Harvard Business Review Ranks The World’s Best Performing CEOs
Each year, CEOs face new and different challenges in order to keep their companies running smoothly, particularly now during these uncertain volatile times that includes geopolitical issues, such as the Brexit vote, the Middle East, and the US election. So, what makes a CEO successful and how do some business leaders still manage to train their sights on the long term and deliver strong...
Nov 2, 2016 8:00 AM ET