Boeing’s 100 Days of Learning

Boeing’s 100 Days of Learning

Boeing’s centennial may be in part to celebrate how much the business has achieved in the past 100 years, but it is also a means to focus on how to drive Boeing forward into its second century. It is fair to say with the launch of the 100 Days of Learning Campaign, Boeing is hitting the mark with both.

On July 15, 2016, Founder’s Day, Boeing launched a brand-new education hub. Dubbed “100 Days of Learning,” the program, which will run through October 22, is designed to inspire the next generation of engineers to delve into the world of STEM skills development — no matter their age or whatever field they choose to pursue.

The 100 Days campaign includes a wide range of resources to engage students, via teachers and parents, in STEM education. Boeing engineers worked side-by-side with partners Curiosity Machine, Teaching Channel, PBS Learning Media, and Above and Beyond to develop lesson plans, documentaries, and hands-on activities that break down complicated concepts into easy-to-digest resources. With the materials, kids can engineer an airfoil, find alternative energy sources and design their own satellite, among dozens of other activities.

The campaign will cycle through 10 themes, ranging from The Magic of Flight and Career Runway, to Interactive Adventures and Space Exploration. All the resources are available now at To learn more about Boeing’s other CSR initiatives please visit

Content from this campaign

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