Bechtel Stewardship: Building a Better World

Bechtel Stewardship: Building a Better World

Bechtel employees are active volunteers in the company’s office and project communities, often working side-by-side with customers, contractors, local organizations, and government entities.

Many of our Stewardship, or corporate social responsibility, activities are done in collaboration with our Signature Program Partners: DiscoverE, FIRST® Robotics, Engineers Without Borders, and Junior Achievement®.

Globally, Bechtel employees participate in Stewardship activities that include mentoring students, specifically girls, to learn about the engineering profession by designing robots; building bridges and water supply systems in remote areas of the world, and even playing classroom games that explore engineering principles.

Stewardship at Bechtel is a way for our employees to give back by supporting education and improving the quality of life through engineering and construction. Each year we build a brighter future for more than 100.000 children, adolescents, and adults around the world.

Bechtel Group Foundation partners with our Signature Programs on efforts that: 

  • Promote education, especially in science, technology, engineering, and math
  • Use engineering and construction skills to improve the quality of life worldwide
  • Make effective use of the passions and unique skills of Bechtel’s volunteers

The Foundation also joins with Bechtel employees in responding to disasters that affect offices or jobsites around the world.

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