CSX Employees Show How Tomorrow Moves with Wellness Tips

CSX Employees Show How Tomorrow Moves with Wellness Tips

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Monday, October 31, 2016 - 3:30pm


We all know that work can require long periods of sitting and a need for mental focus to detail. In order to be your best self – and a productive, healthy employee – it’s important to stay active, remain alert, and keep moving!  

CSX, a leading freight transportation provider, is an expert in moving essential goods. Many CSX employees are moving too, by getting active in health and wellness activities and becoming great role models for their colleagues along the way!

With access to 45 gyms and a team of wellness coordinators across the network, many CSX employees make safe and health behaviors a part of their lives at home and at work. Here are some healthy lifestyle tips from a few CSX employees:

  • “Pack healthy foods and eat light while you’re on the train.  When the train is stopped, get off and walk.  All these things add up and you’ll see results in no time. Just small changes that lead to big results.” – Jay Litten, conductor, Baltimore
  • “Having that person-to-person interaction is very motivating. I’d encourage you to use all of the resources available to you.” – Porsche Jackson, Clerk, New Orleans
  • “Portion control is very important regards to losing weight and feeling good after a meal. Think of it as, ‘I’m full, but I'm not full.’” – Tim Smith, carman, Florence
  •  “Consistency is the key. Stay consistent with your workouts and your eating habits. It makes all the difference in the world.” – Torris Reese, Intermodal Service Worker, Atlanta

CSX offers many different programs for employees to find the best fit, including one-on-one meal planning, daily wellness tips, walking workstations, fitness tracker step challenges, warm-up and stretching programs, and even discounts on outside tools and facilities like Weight Watchers and GlobalFit!

To learn more about health and wellness programs at CSX, visit: https://www.csx.com/index.cfm/working-at-csx/health-and-wellness/