CSR and Social Media: Making Connections @TWC

CSR and Social Media: Making Connections @TWC

Leveraging Twitter to tell CSR Stories
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015 - 9:10am

CAMPAIGN: Making Connections That Matter

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At Time Warner Cable, we aim to connect our customers to what matters most. That includes connecting customers back to us and what we do. One way TWC links customers to products, services and community efforts is through social media. In addition to company news and updates, TWC’s regional Twitter handles tell stories that reflect our local community initiatives, 140-characters at a time.

On top of TWC’s national Twitter and Facebook platforms, we also have 10 regional Twitter handles to connect to our customers on a local level. Customers can follow the Twitter handle that corresponds to their location:











TWC has a long-standing reputation of investing in the communities we operate. Those efforts include Connect A Million Minds events with local non-profit organizations, diversity efforts and other corporate brand and reputation initiatives.

In order for our customers and community to stay on top of the most pertinent stories and conversations, we include strategic hashtags in our social media content. These tags make it possible to keep track of our community efforts across all regions with all of our local community partners. Tweets include live posts with compelling images that illustrate how, what, where and when we make connections that matter.

Kelcey Wells, Social Media Manager for TWC’s Communications Strategy team, oversees and develops the content on TWC’s regional Twitter handles and Connect a Million Minds social media platforms, including the strategy behind dedicated hashtag campaigns. Her team encourages our customers, communities and partners to connect with us on our regional Twitter handles to learn more about how TWC is making connections that matter.

An example of a dedicated community investment hashtag is #STEMinSports, which linksspecific Connect a Million Minds initiatives connecting youth to the science behind sports and athletic ability. Tweets involve sports teams and professional athletes to showcase how important STEM is in the game of sports and life. Follow the hashtag to see the fun and enlightening activities we facilitate.

At TWC, we advocate diversity and inclusion in the workplace and community. We have a collection of those efforts on social media with our dedicated #TWCdiversity hashtag. Our followers can see first-hand our company commitment todiversity.

Across more than just community endeavors lives the #TWConnections hashtag, which connects our followers to overall efforts throughout our enterprise. This dedicated tag features TWC news, events, campaigns, images and more in all markets across the country, connecting us one and all to everything TWC has to offer.



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