CSR: Swimsuit Maker Vilebrequin Wants To Keep Our Beaches Clean

CSR: Swimsuit Maker Vilebrequin Wants To Keep Our Beaches Clean

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Oceanographer + environmentalist Fabien Cousteau created the perfect #csr partnership w/ swimsuit maker Vilebrequin http://bit.ly/nfyVOW
Friday, August 26, 2011 - 5:45pm


A cynic might say that bathing suit manufacturer Vilebrequin has a self interest in clean beaches and the vital aquatic life it holds. After all, swimming, snorkeling, deep sea diving, boating, and other ocean-oriented recreational and educational activities are good for the swimwear business. Well, frankly, that’s great news for those of us who believe that corporate social responsibility has to be good for business as well as the community. This is the classic win-win, and that’s a sustainable arrangement.  Fabien Cousteau, grandson of renowned oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, has figured out how to make chic swimming trunks pay off for the environment.

For continuation, see Fast Company here....


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