CSR 2010 Resolutions and Predictions From Business And Social Sector Leaders: Part I

CSR 2010 Resolutions and Predictions From Business And Social Sector Leaders: Part I

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Read the 2010 CSR resolutions and predictions of 16 business and social sector leaders. http://bit.ly/6FCst8
Friday, January 8, 2010 - 5:00pm


With a plethora of challenges (and opportunities) facing our world, I wondered what resolutions and predictions business and social sector leaders would make for 2010. So I asked people who have a wide variety of perspectives, all of whom are deeply involved in understanding and addressing vital issues facing local and global communities.

The responses are eclectic, ranging from strategic to personal, including a poem and a personal story. I divided the responses into two posts; this is the first. I'll give my resolutions and predictions in a third post. Please share your own resolutions and predictions in the Comments section below.

The Question: What is your resolution or prediction for corporate social responsibility (CSR) in 2010?

"I want the world to understand that the future of this world lies in the hands of a 12 year old girl.  She will either bear the next generation of poverty or presidents.  If we can recognize the power of her potential to bring stability and prosperity to the world, we can start to make real progress in 2010."

"Three interrelated predictions: First, we will see the continued growth of what I call the empathy economy, which puts a premium on people over short-term profits. Second, digitally empowered consumers will demand corporations have purpose--ethical business models. Finally, my recent trips to Asia suggest that China, a rapidly growing consumer market with an enormous need for accountability, presents a huge opportunity for companies to develop ethical brands that consumers can trust."

[Resolution] "To ensure that my team remains responsive to nonprofit organizations in this tough economic climate, while maintaining the focus of our company's philanthropy and employee engagement efforts on the areas of cultural heritage, leadership development and community service."

For thirteen more, read here...http://bit.ly/6FCst8