CIO Review Features Source Intelligence as a Top 20 Most Promising Supply Chain Solution Provider of 2014

CIO Review Features Source Intelligence as a Top 20 Most Promising Supply Chain Solution Provider of 2014

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CIO Review Features Source Intelligence as a Top 20 Most Promising Supply Chain Solution Provider of 2014
Wednesday, January 7, 2015 - 9:20am

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The CIO Review has featured Source Intelligence as a top-20 most promising solution provider in the supply chain space. Dubbed the “LinkedIn of Supply Chain: Connecting Suppliers and Enabling Transparency” in the supply chain special report, Source Intelligence’s CEO Jess Kraus gives an in depth view of their ability to collect complex supplier provided information and consolidate the data into a “single, centralized management system.” The top-20 companies are evaluated based on their ability to “help customers optimize their supply chain infrastructure investments, deploy new capabilities, and accelerate time to market.”

As the trend for global supply chain transparency continues to increase, companies have realized the strategic benefits of having visibility into their supply chains from start to finish.  In the interview, Kraus explains how companies are often faced with scalability and affordability issues when it comes to determining the presence of regulated materials, but the feature underscores how Source Intelligence’s flexible platform is able to scale across multiple compliance requirements. The CIO Review states Source Intelligences ability to, “Scale easily as global brands and their programs from the ‘anchor’ of conflict minerals to a broader portfolio of sustainability, anti corruption, and chemical management solutions.”

Highlighted for their 3rd party vendor data collection, risk analytics, reporting tools for regulatory compliance, and social responsibility programs, Source Intelligence’s supplier network provides global brands with a supplier management system that ensures legal and ethical sourcing. Source Intelligence’s platform stands out from the rest with their 24/7 multilingual team, LinkedIn style supply chain solution, that enables visibility for companies with numerous suppliers.  With the growing importance of having a measurable supply chain management system, Kraus discusses that, “It’s all about consolidating the data, getting the visibility into the supply chain and assessing and managing the risk of a complex web of vendors linked to a global brand,” and finally turning the risk data into a measurable action.

Supply chain transparency initiatives are increasingly becoming integrated into the overall business strategy for organizations large and small. Companies are able to improve visibility in the supply chain, performance, and competitiveness by staying aligned with compliance trends.  Moving forward, Source Intelligence looks forward to expanding the global suppliers on their platform to 1,000,000, and continuing to extend their services to a “broad spectrum of compliance programs that relate to the supply chain and 3rd party vendors,” says CEO Jess Kraus.

For a more detailed look at Source Intelligences feature in the top-20 solution providers for supply chain transparency, take a look at the feature here.

For case-study based insight for conflict minerals compliance in 2015, Source Intelligence has recently released an Ebook: An Insightful Look at 2014 Conflict Minerals, Benefits of Tracing Your Supply Chain. To download the E-book use this link.