CBSR Blog - CSR Communications: Engaging Stakeholders with Impact

CBSR Blog - CSR Communications: Engaging Stakeholders with Impact

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Thursday, April 26, 2012 - 6:00pm

By: Ksenia Benifand

Early in March of 2012, CBSR ran a webinar on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability Communications. The purpose was to explore how to effectively utilize communications and marketing as a tool to engage business customers, consumers, and employees in CSR and sustainability initiatives.

The guest speakers for this webinar - Anthony Santilli, Bullfrog Power, Nick Drake, Carillion Canada, and Tim Southam, Mountain Equipment Co-op - defined what communicating with impact means to their organizations, shared insights on exactly how they are getting stakeholder buy-in, and highlighted some of the challenges that they have faced throughout their communications journey.

Three connecting themes emerged from this conversation, all necessary for meaningful engagement and stakeholder buy-in.

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About the Author:
Based in our Toronto office, Ksenia is responsible for building CBSR's online presence; engaging with and delivering relevant and timely content to CBSR members, broader business community and media; working with our partners on cross-promotional campaigns, and supporting the Advisory Services team.

Prior to joining CBSR, Ksenia worked with the largest consumer packaged goods player where she was responsible for the delivery of multi-channel in-store and digital marketing campaigns for some of the world’s leading brands. She also identified more efficient ways to manage one of the core marketing processes and worked to implement the changes.

Then, true to her passion for advancing corporate social responsibility and sustainability, she worked with several carbon and energy management consulting firms, where she identified key market drivers and developed positioning plans that address industry challenges. She also designed and launched multi-channel marketing programs to advance consumer and corporate awareness for solutions that mitigate our environmental impact.

Ksenia is a certified Climate Project presenter, Al Gore’s Climate Change Awareness Foundation, and has delivered presentations to over 4,000 people about the dangerous effects of unmitigated climate change, as well as the business and social value of sustainability.


Ksenia Benifand