Business Roundtable Recognizes Sustainable Development Practices

Business Roundtable Recognizes Sustainable Development Practices

Report Features Narratives from 148 CEOs
Friday, May 22, 2015 - 1:00pm

CAMPAIGN: TransCanada Corporate Social Responsibility


Across the U.S., CEOs are leading their companies to adopt effective environmental and sustainable business practices. Business Roundtable's 2015 sustainability report details how companies are pursuing innovative strategies to create jobs, grow the economy and sustain and enhance the quality of life in America and around the world.

The Business Roundtable 2015 sustainability report – “Create, Grow, Sustain: Leading by Example,” features narratives from 148 CEOs on how their companies are promoting sustainable business practices and improving the quality of life in communities across America and around the world. As president and CEO of TransCanada, Russ Girling shares his thoughts about the proactive, open and collaborative approach TransCanada is taking to sustainable development.

“At TransCanada, we’re proud to have played an active role in delivering energy across North America for more than 60 years,” says Girling. “During that time we’ve considered our business decisions in terms of our ability to achieve top performance when it comes to the environment as well as safety, society and economics.”

As a Business Roundtable member company, TransCanada has been featured in this report with highlights including the company’s score at the 88th percentile on the 2014 Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) and resulting spots on the DJSI North America and World indices. It also features TransCanada’s industry-leading score of 99A- in 2014 by the CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) for its actions to disclose carbon emissions and mitigate the business risks of climate change.

“It’s a full life-cycle spectrum, from environment and safety to society and economy – that’s the conversation we’re having and the one we need to have today,” Girling adds. Learn more about TransCanada’s commitment to corporate social responsibility.