Building Community in South Florida with Mangoes

Building Community in South Florida with Mangoes

by Julie Fahnestock
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Wednesday, June 17, 2015 - 8:00am



In light of recent police shootings, the exposure of racial tension in many cities in the United States, and the discrimination many religious groups face because of extremists, our determination and pursuit of a colorblind narrative must endure. We have to focus our energies on discovering our commonalities, the things that bring us together. Often, it can be the small gifts which create unity. In Northwood, an artsy village in West Palm Beach, Florida, this gift is the mango tree. Mangoes have united this community for decades, and this year, local residents have determined to bridge cultural, socioeconomic and racial gaps by honoring this historic identity. This June 26th and 27th, local residents of all cultures, economics and professions, are coming together to celebrate one another at the Mango and Music Festival.

“The Northwood area is home to people from a diverse array of cultures, many of which also have a deep mango heritage. ” says Betsy Dorn, Northwood Resident, Mango Fest Volunteer Coordinator and Consulting Director of Reclay StewardEdge.  “A primary goal of this festival is to unite us in celebration of our shared mango heritage.”

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Attend the Mango and Music Festival. Enter the Mango Recipe ContestRead about why mangoes matter to Northwood.