Bloomberg BCAUSE

Bloomberg BCAUSE

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Thursday, June 18, 2015 - 5:20pm

CAMPAIGN: Bloomberg: Philanthropy & Engagement

CONTENT: Multimedia with summary

Originally posted in the 2014 Bloomberg Impact Report

Last year we announced BCAUSE – a collaborative effort across our employee engagement and Social Impact Groups to achieve greater impact for our employees, our partners and our communities. The world is increasingly interconnected and transparent — values that have defined Bloomberg from Day One. We have always believed in making connections — connecting investors to better data, connecting users to the Terminal, connecting markets around the world.

BCAUSE makes the connection between our business and our larger place in the world — a theme threaded throughout this report. The four groups that form the backbone of our social and employee engagement programs, Diversity & Inclusion, Wellness, Philanthropy & Engagement, Sustainability, provide thoughtful answers to the question why?

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