Blog and Video: TransCanada Digs into Pipeline Integrity

Blog and Video: TransCanada Digs into Pipeline Integrity

Learn more about why TransCanada is digging up and inspecting new pipeline in Texas and Oklahoma
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#TransCanada clears up reasons for digging and inspecting #pipeline in Texas and Oklahoma. #KeystoneXL #kxl

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TransCanada staff analyze data obtained from an in-line inspection of a pipeline using a "smart PIG" that scans every inch of the pipeline for possible damage or defects

Monday, June 17, 2013 - 12:45pm


When TransCanada asserts that Keystone XL and the Gulf Coast Pipeline will be the safest pipelines ever built, we are not simply tossing out a convenient slogan.

From the selection and testing of the steel at the pipe mill to the ongoing testing and inspection of the pipe during and after construction and then over the life of the pipeline, TransCanada’s care and scrutiny is designed to make sure the pipeline performs as promised. Our commitment to customers, public safety and the environment demands nothing less.

There is no advantage to TransCanada or any energy transportation company to operate assets that are inefficient, compromise public safety or endanger the environment.

“We have an absolutely outstanding safety record. We have consistently invested in pipeline safety and integrity and in personal and occupational safety,” said Vern Meier, TransCanada vice-president of pipeline safety and compliance. “The commitment is there. We’ve done things internally that are clearly leading edge within the industry, and we have validated and verified that what we’re doing is the right thing.”

Learn more about the unprecedented steps TransCanada is taking to ensure our new oil pipelines are as safe as possible before they begin operation. Read our blog.