Beijing Agencies Name Kohler Plant's Boiler Room a 'Benchmark' for Safety and Sustainability

Beijing Agencies Name Kohler Plant's Boiler Room a 'Benchmark' for Safety and Sustainability

Kohler replaces last two coal-fired boilers with gas ones, continuing its corporate environmental strategy

Kohler Beijing Faucets' New Gas-Fired Boilers

Kohler Beijing Faucets' Team Shows Off "Benchmark Boiler Room" Award From Government Agencies

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Kohler Beijing Replaces Last Coal-Fired Boilers, Gets "Benchmark" Nod From City. #BelievingInBetter
Thursday, March 5, 2015 - 1:30pm

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China’s capital city is on an air-quality mission. And one way to begin to mend the heavy haze and smog that plagues its environment is replacing the unknown (but most likely large) number of coal-fired boilers still burning.

In 2013, our faucets plant in Beijing did indeed have two coal-fired boilers, but devised a plan to convert them to gas.

To do it right, the team members, comprised of Environment, Health & Safety staff and maintenance experts, attained a government grant and then worked through a strict task list that included in-depth purchasing research, a brand new maintenance and training procedure, safety protocols and government rule adherence.

The detailed plan and dedication of the team really paid off. Last September to December, the boiler room passed an intense 15-element inspection for work safety and sustainability.

It went so well that the inspecting city organizations awarded our boiler room its highest honor: Beijing Work-Safety, Energy-Saving and Emission-Reduction Benchmark Boiler Room.


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