Amway Network 21 Distributors Provide 10,000 Wheelchairs…and Counting

Amway Network 21 Distributors Provide 10,000 Wheelchairs…and Counting

by Jeff Terry

Founders Diamond, Dave Dornan, donate wheelchairs in South Africa.

Australian Double Diamond, Gad Ghabrial, assembling a chair with Emerald, Mat Rogers, in South Africa.

Founders Crown Ambassador, Aleksey Mautanov and Vera Archipova and Ukrainian leaders distribute wheelchairs in Kiev.

Southern African Amway Business Owners in Mozambique.

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Monday, March 21, 2016 - 8:05am

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Wheelchairs not only provide mobility, but a renewed sense of living for people with a disability. Amway distributor group Network 21 (N21) understands this significance and has provided more than 10,000 wheelchairs to the disabled poor around the world. Many of these chairs were hand-assembled and delivered to their recipients by N21 distributors.

It all began when N21 leader Jim Dornan read a story in Readers Digest about how the Free Wheelchair Mission gives the disabled poor new life through wheelchairs. Jim said two things inspired him to partner with Free Wheelchair Mission. He said, “Everyone can afford to buy someone a wheelchair (which cost approximately $77.91 USD), and a wheelchair can change someone’s life!” Since that statement, hundreds of people have agreed and united in support. Network 21 is now the largest corporate sponsor at Free Wheelchair Mission.

The 10,000 individuals who have received a chair have had an impact on tens of thousands of family members and friends who have been blessed by seeing their loved one have mobility. And that is just the beginning. N21 distributors have a new goal in mind – 20,000 wheelchairs!

See a word of thanks from Free Wheelchair Mission to N21 here.

Thanks to R.D. Saunders, Network of Caring Chief Significance Officer, for sharing this story update and photos.


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