Ailes Apprentice Program Awards $10,000 Scholarships to College Seniors

Ailes Apprentice Program Awards $10,000 Scholarships to College Seniors

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College students receive $10,000 scholarships from Fox News Ailes Apprentice Program: @21CF_Impact @FoxNews @HofstraU

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Thursday, December 18, 2014 - 11:00am

CAMPAIGN: Diversity at 21st Century Fox


As part of its mission to promote diversity in the broadcast journalism industry, the Fox News Ailes Apprentice Program has named Alexander Pineda, a senior journalism student at Hofstra University, and Clayshawn Marie Moore, a senior journalism student at Saint Augustine University, as the recipients of the 2014-15 Ailes Rising Apprentice Scholarship.

"The Ailes Rising Apprentice award means so much because it's a part of a great program that has a history of inspiring success," said Pineda. "I have an amazing opportunity to build relationships and really start my career off on the right foot."

The scholarship grants $10,000 in tuition remission, plus a paid position at the Fox News Channel in the summer and an opportunity to participate in the Ailes Apprentice Program, which celebrated its 10th anniversary earlier this year.

"My parents always told me that hard work pays off," Moore said. "The excitement that I have right now surpasses what any words can truly describe... I hope that this great achievement inspires others to set high goals."

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