Defending Animals and Overcoming Disabilities Through Accessible Technology

Some animals in Argentina are lucky to have the generous and tireless support of Carolina Ragazzon, who fights through disability to help others.

Cummins To Showcase Lower Carbon Engines to Construction Industry

Global power technology leader Cummins Inc. will showcase its new fuel-agnostic 15-liter engine platform to reduce carbon emissions at North America’s largest construction trade show later this year.

How 3M Shrank the Problem of Bulky VR Headsets

3M owns more than 180 patents relating to optical technology in VR and believes it’s in a good position for the growing market.

O-I Provides Inside Look at Transformational MAGMA Glass Technology

O-I Glass, Inc. released a video offering a first look at existing MAGMA operations as the company prepares for its first, purpose-built MAGMA factory in Bowling Green, KY.

How Virtual Reality for Teachers Can Improve Quality of Education

Can technology improve access to quality education for children and youth around the world?

Five Ways Digitalization Can Help Build Global Resilience in 2023

Ericsson was founded on the premise that communication is a basic human need. Yet, today’s biggest inequality may be between the connected and unconnected.

Cummins' Concept System Helps RV Users Reduce Emissions and Noise

Global power and technology leader Cummins Inc. has been showcasing its new concept hybrid power system to help recreational vehicles (RVs) reduce emissions and noise.

Meta at World Economic Forum 2023: Building a Future Grounded in the Promise of Technology

On Wednesday, Meta’s Chief Product Officer Chris Cox joined author Neal Stephenson, the originator of the phrase ‘metaverse’, and others on a panel to discuss the development of this new chapter in technology.

ekō Solutions’ Commercial Division Expands Product Offering Into Animal Grooming

Land Betterment’s ekō Solutions Commercial Division recently created a customized container based animal grooming unit together with Block Experience Solutions.

CNH Industrial Takes Minority Stake in EarthOptics

CNH Industrial announces a minority investment in the US-based ag tech company EarthOptics through its Ventures arm.

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