Your Businesses Doesn't Buy Into Sustainability? Well, Your Investors Do!

Blog by Julie Urlaub, Founder and Managing Partner at Taiga Company
Mar 22, 2011 11:25 AM ET

Taiga Company blog by Julie Urlaub, Founder and Managing Partner at Taiga Compa…

Securing financing and investment dollars is one of the most pressing issues facing any start-up or business seeking to grow.  The ability to entice funding or ensure needed credit almost exclusively depends on meeting the qualifications defined by the lender.  As the future stability of business becomes further intertwined with sustainability ‘risk and reward’, investors now place business sustainability qualifications atop their list as a dominant determinant of return.  

According to the Financial Times, companies that don’t spend time and money on sustainability initiatives will lose out to their savvier competitors.   While some business executive take into account other pressing concerns in making decisions, all investors evaluate long-term returns when considering investments.  This profit potential is becoming more and more dependent on future energy cost, potential tax risk, and revenue incentives, among a list of other business sustainability-driven concerns.   •    How are you going to manage cost in escalating price environments?   •    How are you going to mitigate increasing environmental and social risks?   •    Are you positioned to increase revenue or lose market share in a shifting marketplace?  Click here to continue reading investor impacts and sustainable businesses.

Home to one third of the earth's trees, the Taiga is the largest land-based biosphere and encircles the globe. Its immense oxygen production literally changes the atmosphere and refreshes the planet. It is this continuous renewal that has shaped Taiga Company's vision to drive similar change in the business world. Taiga Company seeks to be the "oxygen for your business".