You Need Gen Z at the Table With Ziad Ahmed

May 7, 2024 10:55 AM ET
Podcast guest Ziad Ahmed

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Gen Z is an important stakeholder for companies: they're powerful consumers, passionate activists, and many are already part of the workforce. But when it comes to engaging Gen Z, older generations are the ones studying them—and deciding what will work best.

This felt counterproductive to 16-year-old Ziad Ahmed, who questioned why decisions about his generation were being made without them. And so Ziad founded JUV Consulting in 2016—when he and his co-founders were still teenagers—to help companies make decisions and create campaigns with diverse Gen Zers at the table.

We invited Ziad to speak about how, eight years later, JUV Consulting has created purpose-driven and inclusive campaigns for top companies, driven by the belief that the future revolves around co-creation, community, and challenging conventions.

Since this conversation was recorded, JUV Consulting was acquired by United Talent Agency.

Listen for insights on:

  • The fundamental topics and methods to engage Gen Z
  • Finding common ground across generations
  • Investing in and engaging Gen Z influencers

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