Workshop Introduces Coating and Lamination to Improve Packaging Performance

New materials can provide gains in sustainable packaging
Jun 17, 2015 10:50 AM ET
Professor Roland Gong explains capabilities of the Faustel pilot coating and lamination line.

A new, two-day course offered by the Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology provides a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on learning to introduce capabilities in coating and laminating at pilot scale.

This course is designed for those working in paper converting, coating, printing and flexible packaging, such as engineers, technicians, chemists, scientists, sales representatives, and customer service representatives. Representatives of companies that supply adhesives, inks, silicones, papers, plastic films and aluminum foils will also benefit. 
The course features expert instruction by Roland Gong, an assistant professor of paper science and engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Gong has a Ph.D. in paper and imaging science and engineering from Western Michigan University, where he researched paper coating using new materials and cutting-edge facilities.
This two day course provides six hours of classroom instruction and six hours of hands-on experience, all for $999. Lunch and break refreshments are included both days.
Participants will work with state-of-the-art coating and lamination facilities and advanced test instruments at UW-Stevens Point. 

Course dates: August 20-21, 2015

Location: University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. The university is a quick 25-minute drive from Central Wisconsin Airport in Mosinee, Wisconsin.

Register online here.

About the Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology
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