New Short Course Offered in Biomass Bioeconomy

Concepts and technologies for interdisciplinary success
Jul 7, 2015 11:45 AM ET
Dr. Shona Duncan, fermentation specialist at the Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology, is shown with the institute's 20 liter fermentor.

Gain familiarity with the integrated, interdisciplinary approach required in modern biotechnology in a new five-day course offered in August at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

This course, Introduction to Concepts and Technologies in Biomass Bioeconomy, is team-taught by faculty and researchers at UW-Stevens Point’s Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology (WIST). It includes a half-day workshop with invited speakers from industry and other universities. Course instructors bring expertise in biomass conversion, microbial physiology, biochemical engineering and entrepreneurship. The course is scheduled for August 24-28.

Biomass has potential as the feedstock to produce a host of renewable materials. WIST researchers have patented processes for biomass separation and are exploring fermentation and other techniques to produce value-added chemicals and materials. The institute’s facilities include fully equipped laboratories for bench-top work and pilot scale biomass processing at the Cellulose Pilot and Processing Lab, which can process up to two tons per day.

This course is geared toward engineers, biologists, chemists, microbiologists, and biochemists who are interested in the areas of biological systems in prokaryotic and eukaryotic hosts.

Join fellow students and experienced instructors in examining the application of biological and engineering principles to problems involving microbial and biological/biochemical systems, fundamentals of fermentation technology, bioreactor operations in bacteria cell systems and much more.  

This is a practical course that includes training on separation technology and emphasis on industrial applications.

Full course tuitions is $3,400 but participants can save 20 percent and pay only $2,720 if registered by August 3. A group discount is available for three or more people registering from the same organization.

View a course schedule, including lecture and laboratory topics, here. The website includes information on registration and links to instructor bios.

Register online here.

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