Women’s Business Symposium Engages and Entertains Crowd of Nearly 700

Women’s Business Symposium Engages and Entertains Crowd of Nearly 700

Friday, May 24, 2019 - 8:20am

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From meditation to tech tips and then finishing the afternoon with encouragement to be an agent of change, Comerica Bank’s 2019 Women’s Business Symposium in Greater Detroit offered a little bit of everything for participants and lived up to its purpose to help women Learn, Connect & Grow.

Approximately 700 attended the afternoon symposium and heard from speakers like Academy Award-winning actor Geena Davis, along with Mallika Chopra and Crystal Washington.

Specifically designed for women business owners, executives and professionals, it has become one of the most sought-after events in Michigan that includes opportunities for valuable leadership development and enhanced networking

The networking session culminated with a fun and insightful message from Davis, who also adds film producer, writer and founder of multiple women's initiatives in addition to the many roles she’s played on the small and big screen.

Davis’ keynote address focused on the role gender plays in media, specifically on film, and how that influenced her decision to take on certain roles throughout her career. She told the audience she has made her acting choices with women in mind.

“Media images are incredibly powerful and impactful in our lives in very dramatic ways. As an actor, I'm aware how few great parts there are for women,” said Davis. “But I've been really lucky to have roles that really resonated with women.”

Davis says gender bias is often unconscious and when she summarized the reaction she points it out to filmmakers. "The universal reaction is there jaws are on the ground, they're horrified, they had no idea they were leaving out that many girls and women,” she continued.

“We can change what the future looks like."

On top of the presentations that were entertaining and valuable, the results of the Women’s Business Symposium culminated in a substantial donation to Alternatives for Girls. Senior Vice President of External Affairs Monica L. Martinez, Michigan Market President Mike Ritchie and Executive Vice President and General Auditor Christine Moore presented a check for $25,500 to chief executive officer of AFG, Amy Good.

“Positive choices lead to powerful lives and Comerica Bank's choice to make this donation to Alternative for Girls is a tremendous and powerful investment for the at-risk girls and women that we serve,” said Good.

Davis also noted the contributions and support later in the program.

"I want to personally thank Comerica for their long-standing commitment to the philanthropy and especially their support of Alternatives for Girls,” said Davis.

The Women’s Business Symposium served up a rewarding afternoon that not only impacted Detroit in so many ways, but it is also started the clock ticking until next year.

For more information on the Comerica Bank Women’s Business Symposium, visit www.comerica.com/wbs