Women On The Fly Presented By JetBlue + Marie Claire

Mar 26, 2018 10:00 AM ET

In celebration of Women’s History Month, JetBlue and Marie Claire magazine are excited to share their Women On The Fly video series. The two brands recently sat down for “A Quick Q&A With…” three women business leaders from very different industries to gather their top career tips. These three power players shared advice on being a good leader, sparking passion in their teams and leading by example.

Trust your gut. When you’re in the leadership position, to follow your instinct is really hard and it takes bravery. The times I haven’t trusted my gut, I really regretted it.”

Anne FulenwiderEditor-in-Chief, Marie Claire

“Aspiring to fail is just as important, if not more important, than aspiring to succeed. If you’re not failing you’re not taking chances. You’re not putting yourself on the line, and you’re not being you in this world.”

Christina Tosi, CEO & Founder, Milk Bar

“Be quick to listen and slow to speak… As an entrepreneur there’s so much learning.”

Miko Branch, CEO, Miss Jessie’s  

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These Women On The Fly participants recently took part in Marie Claire’s second annual Power Trip. On #NationalBossDay, they joined more than 100 other boss women from New York for the ultimate networking event held at 35,000 feet onboard a JetBlue aircraft. This flight enroute to San Francisco brought 100 women from the east coast together with 100 women on the west coast for a bi-coastal power player meet-up.