Women & Entrepreneurism

Feb 23, 2011 5:00 PM ET
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Investing in Women & Girls – Step One: 3/8/11

by Emily Drew, BCLC Researcher and Writer

If you were a woman in rural Benin today, you would spend 10 hours each week carrying food and water. As a Tanzania Masaai woman, you would walk up to 30 kilometers to collect water in the dry season and, of course, walk back with your liquid burden.

“Women’s time poverty and income poverty often reinforce each other with negative impacts,” the World Bank reports.  A woman’s time in the formal economy—getting an education, holding a job, starting her own business, or cultivating surplus agriculture—means less time she can spend on household duties.  In most places today, women and girls simply don’t have an option of how to spend their time.  If they don’t get water, they go thirsty, and if they don’t get firewood, they don’t eat.

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