Whirlpool Corp. Recognized as One of the 2022 Best Companies for Multicultural Women

Whirlpool Corp. Recognized as One of the 2022 Best Companies for Multicultural Women

Whirlpool Corp. was recently recognized as one of Seramount’s 2022 Best Companies for Multicultural Women. This award recognizes companies that create and use the best hiring practices while retaining and promoting multicultural women in the United States
A person in a black dress seated in a chair. Whirlpool logo on Top One Hundred Best companies for multicultural women, on the right

Thursday, August 11, 2022 - 8:45am

“Inclusion and Diversity is a core value at Whirlpool Corporation because we know that drawing from diverse points of view improves our products, services, our teams, and each other,” said Sr. Director of Inclusion & Diversity and Global Learning Kim Kavala. “We recognize we are on an ongoing journey and we are committed to bold goals and meaningful action to cultivate an even stronger inclusive and diverse workplace, as well as in the communities where we work and live. Inclusion creates a culture of belonging, diversity makes us better.”

With 80 companies on the list, the 2022 Seramount report found that there has been significant progress over past years in regards to diversity. Multicultural Women now represent 24 percent of the workforce and are continuing to grow. Progress at the managerial levels is attributed to upticks in programs and policies in recognizing ERG leadership, formal sponsorship, succession planning, and accountability.

This year’s Best Companies for Multicultural Women employ about 2 million people at 37,000 work sites in every state across 16 industries. The survey for this year continued to assess progress for women by specific racial/ethnic groups as well as factors influencing that progress, including mental-health and anti-racism progress and mentoring and sponsorship participation.

The application for Best Companies for Multicultural Women includes more than 500 questions on representation; hiring, attrition, and promotion rates; recruitment, retention, and advancement programs; and company culture. Seramounts scoring algorithm is based on the previous year’s benchmark results, which then determine the winners.

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