Whirlpool Corp House+Home Series: Improving Life at Home for the Sweets

Aug 9, 2022 9:45 AM ET

In this House+Home Series, meet Shari and Kaleb Sweet, new homeowners of the milestone 50th Habitat home in Findlay/Hancock County, Ohio. The Sweet’s home is a result of a two-decade collaboration between Habitat for Humanity of Findlay/Hancock County and Whirlpool Corp. Findlay Operations.

“I learned out here that sometimes in order to achieve that goal of improving life at home, first we have to provide that stable, safe home. For Shari and Kaleb, this is life changing, and it shows in every moment,” said Whirlpool Corp. employee Amy Doroff.

See how six weeks and about 250 volunteers are improving life at home for the Sweets.

Habitat for Humanity of Findlay/Hancock County and Whirlpool Corp. Findlay Operations are continuing a two decade legacy by teaming up to build the milestone 50th Habitat home in Findlay/Hancock County.

1.6 billion people live in substandard housing around the world today. That’s why Whirlpool Corp. has created House + Home, a comprehensive approach to social impact around the globe. Under this approach, Whirlpool Corp. is contributing to safe, affordable and nurturing places to live where families can make healthy choices and build a better future, while also supporting thriving and sustainable communities through education, neighborhood and community development programs.

BuildBetter with Whirlpool is designed to collect best practices from local Habitat organizations with demonstrated successes, as well as develop original resources to support and encourage other local Habitat organizations in building homes that reduce the energy cost burden of Habitat homebuyers and lessen the damage caused by climatic and geologic hazards. The most immediate focus through this initiative is to build more than 250 climate-resilient and energy-efficient homes over three years with hundreds of Americans in need of affordable housing.

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