What it Means to Make CSR Core to Business

Aug 27, 2012 6:20 PM ET
Campaign: CSR & Social Media

By Kate Olsen 

What does it mean to make corporate social responsibility (CSR) part of your core business?  

I see so many articles and blogs discussing holistic approaches to CSR – whether you call is shared value, profits with purpose, or triple bottom line – but not always with a successful description of what they mean in practice.  I know I’ve glossed over this important tactical aspect of CSR in my own posts. 

Thanks to an enlightening conversation with Dave Stangis, VP of Corporate Social Responsibility at The Campbell Soup Company, I have a refreshed perspective on how CSR can become part and parcel of your corporate DNA (Hint: employees are critical).  Stay tuned on this blog for a Follow Friday Feature with Dave coming soon. 

Holistic CSR requires everyone in your company to internalize your company’s CSR values and apply them to his or her job.  A company’s total impact is a collective effort from employees and supply chain partners.


How can your company use CSR thinking along product creation?

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