VMware Releases Global Impact Report

Oct 24, 2016 9:00 AM ET

Through the collective impact of their employees, customers and partners, VMware strives to be a Force for Good in the world. Their shared mission is to leave ahead a better future – to put back more into the environment, society and global economy than they take. Although the term “sustainability” is often only associated with “green” pursuits, VMware thinks about Sustainability in a much broader, systemic sense as resilience and the capacity to thrive as a company and community.

In their 2015 Global Impact Report, VMware has made a public commitment to this shared purpose and vision. The report tells the story of VMware as a Force for Good, presenting VMware 2020 - their Sustainability vision and roadmap through the prism of products, planet and people. VMware is driven by the following aspirations in each of these focus areas:

  • Transformative Products - Driving sustainable business practices and creating technology that contributes long-term net positive value to their customers and partner ecosystem.
  • Thriving Planet - Doing more than their fair share toward environmental and social sustainability in their business practices and operations.
  • Empowered People - Building an inclusive business environment that enriches people’s lives at work, at home and in the community, while inspiring people to give more than they take.

Innovation is a critical part of VMware’s DNA. In this report, VMware explains how they think boldly and creatively about everything they do – whether it’s the structure of their Foundation or the digital transformations they’re enabling for their customers. They also disclose, for the first time, their net positive impact on the world through their virtualization technology – and WOW, that’s no small number.

For VMware, the seemingly impossible is possible.

Media Contact:
Michael Thacker

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