[Video] Whirlpool's Data Collection Win

Dec 30, 2014 12:00 PM ET

Far too often the process of gathering, sorting, and updating data for individual reports can take so much time there is little left for any value-added activities. Unstructured data seemingly comes from everywhere—spreadsheets sent as attachments with comments threaded through email chains and word processing documents printed and left on desks. 

How do companies tackle this barrage of data for any given reporting cycle and expect to have any time for a thorough analysis of what is being reported?

One company solved this problem by refusing to approach data collection on a report-by-report basis. Instead, it chose to treat data collection for what it really is—an enterprise endeavor. 

In this short video, hear how Whirlpool Corporation was able to give time back to its employees by changing how they approach data collection. After adopting Data Collection for Wdesk, one region of the company was able to save 75 hours off its quarterly reporting cycle.

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