[Free Webinar] Materiality and Technology in Integrated Reporting

Dec 23, 2014 11:00 AM ET

Integrated reporting is increasingly on the agendas of global corporations and forward-thinking investors alike. Addressing materiality, managing stakeholder engagement, and upgrading reporting systems are not simple tasks, but with the right guidance, companies can improve their reporting processes and ensure their own long-term viability.

Join industry experts Prof. Robert G. Eccles and Liv Watson in this on-demand webinar as they discuss the topic of materiality as it relates to the evolution of corporate reporting and the role of technology in integrated reporting processes.

The hosts discuss:

  • The elusive but fundamental concept of materiality
  • A new management tool called the “Sustainable Value Matrix”
  • How to improve performance management through big data and analytics 
  • The new concept of “contextual reporting”

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