A Video Interview with Sandra Postel of the Global Water Policy Project at the BSR Conference 2015

Nov 20, 2015 8:00 AM ET

At the BSR Conference 2015, we sat down with plenary speakers and sustainability thought leaders to discuss resilience in their organizations and what defines resilient leadership.

Sandra Postel is the director of the Global Water Policy Project and a National Geographic Society Freshwater Fellow. She noted that—as water is the fundamental basis of everything—in order to be resilient and to bounce back from stresses like climate change or rising population and consumption, we should be concerted about managing water better, and ensuring a balance between human uses of and nature’s need for water.

Postel also underlined the value of holistic leadership: Society has climate issues, energy problems, and food and water challenges, and they are all interrelated.

“What we’ve seen a lot in the past is we try to solve one of those problems in ways that make another one worse,” Postel explained. “We can’t really afford to do that—we’ve got to find solutions that solve problems in an integrated, holistic way.”

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