Veterans' Values in Lock Step With Enbridge Principles

Military Makeover: Operation Career segment shows military veterans finding a home, and opportunities to grow, at Enbridge
Jan 4, 2023 12:45 PM ET

An upcoming segment of Military Makeover: Operation Career spotlights Enbridge employees who’ve transitioned from the U.S. Armed Forces to successful careers with North America’s leading energy infrastructure company.

Military Makeover is hosted by former talk show host Montel Williams, an advocate for U.S. military veterans who himself retired from the U.S. Naval Reserve in 1996 after 22 years of service.

The episode focusing on Enbridge airs today and again on Dec. 22 on the Lifetime Network in the U.S. It will be syndicated on regional network affiliates across the U.S., and also be shown on American Forces TV Network at bases, Navy ships and U.S. diplomatic compounds worldwide.

Small spoiler alert: Interviewed participants impactfully cite a specific word on several occasions that links the two institutions intrinsically together. The word is “values.” As well, a resounding sense of appreciation and respect between company and employee is conveyed throughout.

The values of Enbridge as a corporation are integrity, respect, safety and inclusion—very much in line with the military,” says Stephanie Guerrero, who joined Enbridge in 2008 following time working in health care. Prior to that, Guerrero began her military career serving in the IL Army National Guard at age 17, and she later joined the U.S. Navy.

Guerrero is a field operations area manager in Kingsport, Tennessee, who is “responsible for about 1,000 miles of pipe and 13 compressor stations” on Enbridge’s natural gas transmission pipeline system. For Guerrero today, there is a rewarding sense of purpose that comes with the responsibility of delivering energy “safely and reliably to millions of people.”

Says Perry Cole, a senior station operator on the same gas transmission line who joined Enbridge in 2017 following a successful career in the U.S. Marine Corps: “My military values transcribe to Enbridge very easily. In the military we’re taught honor, courage, commitment and integrity in all things you do. I take great pride in that.”

Enbridge is a top employer with a diverse workforce of more than 12,000 people, primarily based in the U.S. and Canada. We’re proud to support our military service members, veterans and their families.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are important to us because it’s how we win as a business,” says Melissa Moye, Enbridge’s Chief Human Resources and Inclusion Officer, whose insights are also captured in Military Makeover: Operation Career. “A diverse perspective is super important . . . people are our biggest asset as a company.”

This people-first approach is supported at Enbridge through Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which are employee-led groups that bring people together in the workplace based on shared characteristics or life experiences.

Joining an ERG helps employees stay connected to colleagues, and also helps shape our culture of inclusion and belonging. Enbridge’s Veterans ERG for active and former members of the armed forces and allies engages leadership and other stakeholders to advance the business, including change programs, recruiting, and community outreach.

Tune in to Military Makeover: Operation Career on the Lifetime Network today or on Dec. 22 to find out why Enbridge is a great place to work for veterans.