Versaic Grants vs Other Packaged Solutions

Versaic Grants vs Other Packaged Solutions

Q&A with Andy Cummings, Director of Client Solutions, Versaic

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Client Solutions Director Andy Cummings shares his answers to some of the common questions about what makes Versaic different from other packaged solutions.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014 - 8:15am


Andy Cummings works with clients from initial demo through implementation and is responsible for ensuring that Versaic delivers solutions that meet clients’ precise needs. Andy has talked with scores of users of other packaged solutions, many of who are now Versaic clients. Below he shares his answers to some of the common questions and concerns he hears from users of those systems.

One of my biggest frustrations with my current system is the inability to easily make changes without incurring more costs or requiring IT time. How is Versaic different?
Versaic has a fundamentally different model from most other systems. Other packaged solutions have more of a do-it-yourself (or have IT do it) model. With Versaic, clients have a dedicated client success manager who ensures their system is up to date and reflects any and all changes and updates that need to be made. There is no additional charge for routine changes and you definitely don’t need your IT team involved in either the set up or ongoing management of the system.

It took a long time to implement our system and the process of trying to get things right was pretty painful. I’m fed up with my current vendor and want to make a change but I’m concerned I would be facing the same thing if I switched to Versaic.
We have many clients who have switched over from other vendors and the process has been totally painless for them. Our system is typically implemented from start to finish within about a month. That’s no different if you’re switching over from another vendor (in fact in most cases it is much quicker!) We ensure everything is transferred over so you don’t have to worry about critical data being lost.

With my current system, I ended up having a bunch of features and processes I don’t need that get in the way of working efficiently. How does it work with Versaic?
We have a very flexible platform that can be easily configured to include exactly the features you need to support your processes. Every client is different in terms of structure, workflows, and procedures for routing and approving requests, so the systems is configured – at no extra charge – to meet those precise needs.

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