Tips for Crafting a Charitable Giving Strategy

Insights from The Albertsons Companies Foundation and Versaic
May 30, 2017 6:40 PM ET

Tips for Crafting a Charitable Giving Strategy

This Thursday Christy Duncan Anderson, Executive Director, The Albertsons Companies Foundation, and Andy Cummings, Director, Client Solutions at Versaic, will be participating in a webcast hosted by ACCP.  The topic -- Crafting a Charitable Giving Strategy – is one that interests (and challenges) many of the organizations we work with.

For most corporate philanthropy executives, crafting a true charitable giving strategy is easier said than done. Versaic has worked with Christy for about seven years now and we know she can attest to that. Challenges in developing a giving strategy range from establishing a charitable giving focus, to getting executive buy-in, navigating mergers & acquisitions, and achieving impact.

Participants can look forward to a lively discussion as Christy walks us through the journey she’s been on, from her early days managing charitable giving at Safeway to her current role overseeing the Foundation as well as philanthropic programs managed by the 13 divisions of Albertsons Companies throughout the country. Christy has done a remarkable job putting an impact-focused approach in place and she works closely with divisions of the company to grow, track and communicate their impact to the neighborhoods where their employees work and live.

She’ll share her top tips for putting a strategy in place and field questions from listeners. Interested ACCP members can sign up via this link. We’ll plan to share highlights from the conversation in an upcoming blog post.