US-Based Tree Planting Nonprofit Broadens Global Reach

Arbor Day Foundation leverages new tree planting methods in more international communities
Mar 27, 2024 7:58 AM ET
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LINCOLN, Neb., March 27, 2024 /3BL/ - The Arbor Day Foundation is crossing international borders to collaborate with planting partners utilizing innovations in tree planting.

“Trees can be a catalyst for change all over the world, and our team is eager to serve the needs of international communities through urban forestry in ways that are most advantageous to the local ecosystem,” said Dan Lambe, chief executive of the Arbor Day Foundation. “We want to help build urban forests that last lifetimes, and approaching tree planting in new ways is a key part of fostering highly-resilient canopies.”

An emerging approach in India

Recently, the Arbor Day Foundation helped develop a healing forest on the grounds of Masina Hospital in Mumbai, India, to create a therapeutic space for patients and staff. The project used the Miyawaki method, a planting technique that includes preparing soil with critical nutrients and then densely layering a diverse mix of native tree species to bolster biodiversity. Foundation planting partner SUGi said its Miyawaki forests have an exceedingly high survival rate, often surpassing 85%.

First-time planting in Romania

The Foundation and its partner Padurea Copiilor are also employing the Miyawaki method this spring in Romania. This project will mark the first time the Arbor Day Foundation has engaged in planting in the Eastern European country. The project seeks to plant 5,000 trees in Ploiesti, a highly industrial city surrounded by multiple oil refineries. Twenty-five different tree species will be planted.

Long-term impact in Tanzania

In Tanzania, the Foundation is stepping into a district that’s seen extensive land degradation and is now battling severe drought. The large-scale problem requires a long-term solution, which is why the Foundation is supporting a local nursery project. The nursery, created by the Inuka Youth Development Organization, aims to grow, plant and distribute hundreds of thousands of trees. The multi-year project will also employ local community members to operate the nursery.

In 2023, the Arbor Day Foundation supported urban and community forestry projects in 28 countries and in every U.S. state, helping to plant and distribute more than 1.7 million trees.

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About the Arbor Day Foundation

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