Trust in Tech Has Eroded: Here Are 3 Ways To Rebuild It

By Michael Miebach CEO, Mastercard
Jan 12, 2023 9:00 AM ET
A hand holding a cell phone. Digital icons on top, A key lock is central surrounded by other icons for wifi, share, contacts, email, cloud, location, credit card, and money.
Here are 3 ways to restore trust in tech and create a digital economy that’s safer, smarter and more inclusive. Image courtesy of WEF/iStockphoto

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My company, like many others, believes that there’s great promise in blockchain technology to build more efficient financial instruments and payments systems. But none of it is possible without trust first.

Stronger regulations will go a long way to building that trust. Also, businesses need to partner more closely across crypto and traditional finance. Existing financial institutions and financial services companies are experts in risk management, anti-money laundering regulations and corporate governance protocols. Bringing more of that knowledge into crypto will provide much-needed standards and controls for the young industry.

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