Transactional Carbon Accounting: A Next-Generation Approach to Reporting and Acting on Carbon Data Through Your Supply Chain

Nov 21, 2023 4:45 PM ET

Solving the world’s sustainability challenges has never been more critical to our planet and those who inhabit it. It is the core issue for business today, as entire industries transform, and companies of all sizes are forced to reinvent themselves for a new, net-zero world. As part of this transformation, businesses can make a significant impact when they begin to treat carbon like money, accounting for emissions with the same precision as finances. They can implement transactional carbon accounting capabilities that help them generate financial-grade precision in tracking and sharing emissions values across their operations and supply chains and connecting emissions data with their financial data to increase reporting accuracy and make better, and more accountable, business decisions.

Learn more about how transactional carbon accounting capabilities can help organizations reap the benefits of a green ledger by integrating actual carbon data with financial data.