Together, We Can Create a Truly Circular Economy | Eastman

Jun 21, 2024 9:00 AM ET


For centuries, we have consumed without limits. We are now facing the consequences. Are we too late, or can we do better?

In recent years, we’ve noticed the huge impact the take-make-waste model has had on our planet. With tons of plastic waste trashed every year, plastic is everywhere — in our oceans, in landfills, and in incinerators.

What if plastic waste could be transformed into new materials again and again, keeping it in use without downcycling? With Eastman’s new molecular recycling technology, it can.

Committed to recycling 50 million tons of plastic waste by the end of 2030, Eastman is reducing the amount of plastic waste that pollutes our planet. With the world’s largest molecular recycling plant, we will use hard-to-recycle plastic to produce new plastic that can be used over and over again — without compromising its quality or strength.

We are not doing it alone.

With partnerships and collaborations with other companies that put the planet first, we are working together to make the world better.

Together, we will create a truly circular economy.

At Eastman, we’re revolutionizing recycling with our molecular recycling technologies. But it’s going to take all of us working together to find innovative ways to create a truly circular economy. Are you in?

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