Timberland & Disney Upgrade SAI Corporate Membership

In response to SAI's enhanced Corporate Programs membership services, both companies take their commitment to the next level
Dec 20, 2011 11:00 AM ET

Timberland & Disney Upgrade Corporate Membership

SAI's enhanced corporate membership, focused on providing members with a broader range of services, has caught the attention of two companies. Both Timberland and Disney have upgraded their membership levels to support improvement of their supply chains.

Timberland is now a Signatory member, and Disney an Explorer member; this move offers greater access to SAI's sophisticated supply chain management training - including Social Fingerprint®-- multi-stakeholder input, and the ability to confidentially benchmark their programs against other members.      "We are thrilled to have Disney and Timberland take their commitment to the next level," said SAI Director of Corporate Programs, Craig Moss. "Both companies that are truly committed to SAI's Shared Mission - to improve working conditions in the supply chain, in accordance with performance criteria based on relevant ILO conventions and national law, utilizing management systems and multi-stakeholder dialogue."   SAI Corporate Programs offers three levels of membership - Supporting, Explorer and Signatory- each level offering more services. Finalized in October 2011, some of the new services for companies and their suppliers were developed in response to member input. SAI Corporate members represent a wide range of industries with supply chains that extend around the world.   For more information about SAI's Corporate Programs, visit www.sa-intl.org/corporateprograms or contact Jane Hwang at JHwang@sa-intl.org.   SAI19658