Team Members Add Furry Friends to Their Families With Baker Tilly Pet Adoption Reimbursement Benefit

Oct 26, 2023 10:00 AM ET

Taking the leap into pet adoption may be easier than you think with Baker Tilly’s pet adoption benefit that provides up to $500 for any animal adopted from a shelter or animal care facility.

Research shows that pets can provide a sense of companionship, reduce stress, and even help children with emotional and social skills – surely some top reasons our pet adoption benefit is so popular. Hear from two team members who have recently used this benefit to add a new pet to their lives.

A new character in the house

For Berlyn Wall, senior audit associate, a new dog means a new work-from-home companion.

“I had discussed getting a second pet with my husband, David, for a while, then one day he drove by a rescue and met this gentle giant of a dog,” she said. “He’s such a goofball, and he doesn’t realize how big he is.”

She and David decided to name him Remus to match the Harry Potter moniker of their black lab mix, Bellatrix.

With a new dog in the family, the biggest change has been the amount of dog food needed. But to her, he’s worth the extra expense.

“We were so glad to hear about the pet reimbursement benefit — whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness never adopted a dog!” she laughed. "Having a furry friend to greet you at the end of the day makes it all worth it.”

Life as a dog dad

From a young age, Partner Matt Prentiss had a passion for rescuing animals. His mother worked with an animal rescue and the family often had rescues in their home.

“We had dogs from all over, including some who came from really tough circumstances,” he said. “Rescues have so much love to give, you can see how much they appreciate and care for you.”

Matt and his wife, Erica, have learned a lot about what it takes to train, raise and care for a puppy. Their dog Howard (aka Howie) was found abandoned in a dumpster before being brought into an animal rescue. He was just six weeks old when they met him.

Rescuing a pet gives you an amazing sense of accomplishment," Matt said. "Watching Howard go from wobbling and falling all over the place, to learning how to run and play with other dogs really brings a smile to our faces every time."

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