TCS Infographic: Could You Use a Digital Twin To Help Complete a Marathon?

Nov 2, 2023 1:50 PM ET
Running to the Future 2023 infographic

As the title sponsor and technology consulting partner for the world’s top marathons, TCS believes in the power of fitness to change lives. Every year, countless TCS employees, partners, and customers train to run in marathons across the globe, inspiring thousands with their dedication getting to the finish line.

This year, TCS Futurist Bill Quinn, a thought leader in the potential of digital twins and other emerging technologies to transform business and society, joins that group. But, just as TCS marries technology expertise with passion for fitness, Bill is leveraging his research to create a custom training program to help him prepare for the TCS New York City Marathon.

The question Bill has set out to answer is: can a personal digital twin help an amateur runner complete his first TCS New York City Marathon?

Bill envisions his digital twin to be used to continually measure every aspect of his life, from sleep to diet to training and stride efficiency. With a digital twin in place, AI can then be leveraged to run various scenarios to recommend training modifications to optimize his performance based on unique needs and health condition.

Learn more about the range of technologies Bill is using to create his running digital twin—and his view on what could be coming in the future to make running even more technologically advanced in this new infographic.

Digital twins are an emerging technology already transforming industries and providing value to the running community, including TCS’s partnership with world-class marathoner Des Linden to create the first-ever digital twin of a long-distance runner’s heart.

Bill Quinn and thousands of others are running to the future this November for the TCS New York City Marathon. To see Bill’s progress and learn more about the marathon, visit:

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