Take an Inside Look into VM Summit 16

Take an Inside Look into VM Summit 16

The event manager for VM Summit 16 shares her vision for this one-of-a-kind event that brings together CSR and nonprofit professionals.

Thursday, June 16, 2016 - 1:15pm

CAMPAIGN: VM Summit 16 - October 25, 2016


As the team at VolunteerMatch works to bring fresh ideas, plan innovative workshops, and secure sponsorships for our upcoming conference, VM Summit 16, I find myself sharing my vision for the event widely. So, I thought would share it with you all here, as well.

VM Summit 16: The Vision

Our overall vision for VM Summit 16 is this: Attendees will depart from the experience with new connections, new insights into cross-sector collaboration, and newly found inspiration to keep their work on the cutting edge of social good.

Let’s dive into each of these items a bit further:

New Connections

This year, we are taking a risk by offering non-traditional and creative sessions that will foster meaningful connections in a way that’s different from standard networking receptions (although there will be two of those, too!) Breakout session options include small group conversations around sticky situations, facilitated speed networking with guided questions, and some surprising other ways to encourage interaction.

Cross-Sector Collaboration

Last year was the first time we brought together nonprofit and corporate professionals (in the past, we had limited the Summit to VolunteerMatch’s corporate clients.) This year, we are taking it to another new level.

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Our morning panel, facilitated by Common Impact, will feature both corporate social responsibility (CSR) professionals and nonprofit professionals. Using new technology, attendees will be able to text in their questions, comments and more to have a vibrant conversation and discussion across sectors. Based on the morning panel, there will be a deeper dive into key themes in the afternoon. We are also hosting Best in Practice sessions, where we will highlight key nonprofit and corporate partnerships.

Inspiration & Cutting Edge of Social Good

Leaving a conference inspired with new ideas and takeaways is key! In planning the flow of the day, we kept this integral part of the vision in mind. Inspiring stories, progressing from conversations to best practices, and engaging in ‘unconference sessions’ are part of this design. And, our closing keynote will talk about lessons she’s learned about happiness and joy.

Interested in helping this vision become a reality? Speaker and sponsorship opportunities are available. Email summit@volunteermatch.org for more information.