Sustainability From The Ground Up: What Responsible Mining Means to Eldorado Gold

Jul 21, 2021 5:30 PM ET

At Eldorado Gold, sustainability is more than just a word.  It’s at the core of all that we do.

“Responsible business practices are at the heart of our business,” explains George Burns, our President and CEO.  “For us, responsible mining means delivering on our commitments to execute on safe, inclusive and innovative operations, engaged and prosperous communities, responsibly produced products and a healthy environment, now and for the future.”

Our approach to sustainability is grounded in our belief that we each have a responsibility to build a future we can be proud of.  We know that every individual and every action can make a difference, and to create the tomorrow we desire, our care and attention is required in our decisions today.  But we also know that in working together to find ever better ways to operate, collectively we can build something greater than ourselves alone.

Sustainability from the Ground Up

To demonstrate this commitment to sustainability and to celebrate the launch of our new Sustainability Framework and Management System, we recently unveiled some new global branding to reflect our sustainability efforts.

“What we wanted was a universal symbol and phrase that would be used and recognized globally by our sites and offices,” explains Louise Burgess, our Director Communications and Government Relations.  “Whether you were in Turkey, Greece or Canada, there would be that commonality, that reminder that at Eldorado, we put sustainability first.”

“We consider sustainability at all stages of the mine life cycle, from the very beginning of exploration through to operations, closure and beyond.  So, by definition, we were already practicing sustainability from the ground up.”

The phrase also speaks to Eldorado’s efforts to embed good sustainability management practices at the site level through to our country and corporate offices.  It also refers to our sustainability efforts not only at our operations but beyond in the surrounding environment and in local communities.

“The multiple meanings of ‘from the ground up’ allow for strong engagement on sustainability with both our internal and external audiences, and underlines integrity as a core value for Eldorado,” says Louise.

To learn more about what Sustainability means to us, check out our video.