Sustainability Affects on Supply Chain Models

Jun 2, 2010 3:18 PM ET

Taiga Company Blog

The continuous cycle of centralization to decentralization has been pondered by business leaders through the course of history.  The factors that shape the value proposition of one model versus the other often shift, which in some cases turns the tide in the other direction.  The question we discuss with peers in our sustainability consulting is what affects, if any, will the pressures of sustainability have on future business models. 

Over the years, we have observed some common practices present in both large and small companies focused on supply chain management.  Among many other commonalities, a major portion of the supply chain management efforts have been an exercise in leverage sourcing.  Our professional consulting has witnessed this search for value in the form of centralization and consolidation of corporate spend.
The overriding value of leveraging spend across an organization has been primarily price focused.  The value of price concessions for a large volume of business has historically overshadowed the positive aspects of local sourcing and control of business purchases.  The questions now being considered in a business sustainability context are: click here to continue reading

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