Survey to Assess Sustainability of the Fire Suppression Industry

Mar 7, 2011 3:00 PM ET

(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) Madison, Wisconsin - March 7, 2011 - Leonardo Academy is conducting a survey to begin a sustainability assessment of the fire suppression industry. Building owners, managers and occupants can fill out a 5-minute survey to contribute to understanding the environmental and sustainability impacts of this industry.

To assess the sustainability of the fire suppression industry, information on fire suppression systems currently in place in buildings is needed. Building owners, managers and occupants can help gather the information needed by participating in this short survey.   To fill out this 5-minute survey, go to:   This survey is part of a larger project with the objective of raising awareness and understanding of the contribution of fire suppression equipment and agents to building emissions footprints and of the environmental risks for building owners, managers and occupants. The project will develop strategies for reducing the environmental impacts and risks of fire suppressions systems while maintaining or improving the fire protection performance of these systems. The strategies will be designed to meet the information and decision-making needs of existing building owners, managers and occupants, as well as those of architects, owners and future occupants of new buildings being constructed. The strategies will be disseminated to building owners, managers, occupants, architects and the building industry.     If you are interested in supporting this program by providing more detailed information about fire suppression systems in your building(s), please contact Barbara McCabe.   LA12286