Support Your Grant Partners to Focus on Impact

Jun 17, 2015 7:00 AM ET
Campaign: Getting to Impact

Originally posted on Versaic's The Voice Blog

By Wendy Watson-Hallowell, Executive Director, Results Consulting, The Rensselaerville Institute 

Burt Cummings, CEO at Versaic, previously wrote about two key program features that the Starwood Foundation used to successfully help grantees define, track and evaluate their impact. One component was the Versaic system and the other was the support that Starwood provided to their grant partners throughout the entire grant cycle.

There are many ways to support your grantees to build this capacity – and not all of them include providing a grant! Here are a few ways to partner with grantees to help them shift their mindset and their behaviors to build strong outcome evaluation capacity - click here to continue reading the details behind each one:

  1. Stop calling it outcomes evaluation and begin calling it performance management
  2. Clarify the results.
  3. Support an affinity group leader/organization to work with a group of nonprofits who are all aiming at similar results
  4. Provide capacity building dollars

Read more about how you can continue to support grant partners to build capacity for an impact-focused approach.